Extensions automatically make a call at the same time

hello everyone
I have a strange problem. all extensions ring at the same time automatically, once or twice a day, it appears on the screens of the phones that the caller is the same extension registered with their phones. How to fix the issue

When this happens, what, if anything, appears in the Asterisk log?

I put the text short report of Asterisk log at this link:

Your system is being overwhelmed by hackers attempting to make calls through it by presenting numbers in various formats. As a minimum, in Asterisk SIP Settings, turn off both Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls and Allow SIP Guests. (If receiving some desired calls require these to be on, you need to fix that first. Please explain.)

I don’t know why I don’t see the specific action that rang the phones, but suspect that they were already ringing at 23:57:07 when the log starts.

If you post another log, please paste it at pastebin.freepbx.org .

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