Extensions auto creation or call back for any registrations

Hi Team,

I would like to seek your advice how to perform next task on FreePBX.

Simply I would like to call back to any subscriber that tries to register with my FreePBX and play a voice message back to him. Important, that it may be even subscriber with wrong credentials.

Is it possible somehow when SIP client attempts to register to call him back immediately and play message.

Or may be another way around. Is it possible to register any subscribers without confirming password and extension number and automatically create an extension. And after that for example once per day reload Asterisk to apply new extensions and start to call them back with Wake Up calls for example ?

Could you please clarify what would be the better way to organize it ?

What exactly are you trying to do?

If you are trying to annoy Palestinians you are almost certainly wasting your time, they are not really there and they are probably cleverer than you :slight_smile:

Hi all, by this exercise

I need to notify bulk of people that sip server was changed. They are registering with old SIP IP address, but I would like to let them know a new SIP address.

Unfortunately they credentials must be changed as well, I need to advise them to visit a web site to obtain a new SIP server address and reset their password.


I can’t think of an easy way to that within the Asterisk dial-plan for an on-register event, but you you could add that message to a custom [macro-dialout-trunk-predial-hook] that they would hear every time they tried to make a call.

With dexterity, you could use the AMI to watch for registration events and email to the user appropriately. If they successfully registered you could even make a call file that would open a channel to them and play a message, failed registrations would be harder to handle.

You could also just send all inbound SIP to a context that plays the message and hangs up.

If you have allowed anonymous and guest sip calls, you should make sure that message is also in Chinese and Arabic :slight_smile:

If you know these folks why not send them an email.
If these folks know you simply turn em off they will be in touch.

(SIP register packets successful or otherwise would not get to that recording, only invites would have a chance)

ok, I have done it.

Just gathered message log files for couple of days, extracted all attempts like:

[Apr 28 22:15:59] NOTICE[952] chan_sip.c: Registration from ‘“1111111” sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘xxx.xxx.90.223:5060’ - No matching peer found

Imported to FreePBX by bulk all these extensions with a blank password.

After that all phones were registered and now I may call them back.

Thanks for your assistance.

A truly scary solution. but if you are happy . . .