Extensions application in freepbx 12 beta

Extensions does not appear in the dropdown menu in FreePBX 12 beta

How is an extension supposed to be created? Is this application available?

I thought I should perhaps use user manager instead - but clicking on add user on user manager screen displays a blank page? Am I missing something obvious?

I am using beta5 installed using downloaded ISO - downloaded on 07/03/2014

You need to enable the module called “core” it’s disabled. In fact please go and enable ALL modules that are disabled.

Beta 5 is really old. We are like Beta 11 already. What exact version of the ISO did you use including the long number as this was fixed on 6-30-14 already.

I installed everything from the 64 bit BETA ISO downloaded 07/03/2014

looking at the Core module in module manager i see:

Core 12.0.1alpha26 Stable FreePBX GPLv3+ Disabled; Pending upgrade to 12.0.1beta1

why is core disabled after basic install?

changelog for core says that core is at beta1 (at least, this is how I can interpret messages below):

12.0.1beta1: Bump to beta
12.0.1alpha27: Remove registrations if there are no registrations (for PJSIP)
12.0.1alpha26: VmX locator dialplan additions
12.0.1alpha25: Added display of new textarea settings type
12.0.1alpha24: Part fix for #6923 language not being set.
12.0.1alpha22: #6914 Add notification if callrecordings is not installed
12.0.1aplha21 Fixed Rare Race Condition
12.0.1alpha20: Refactor Device Management for driver switching fixes
12.0.1alpha19: Use the correct method call
12.0.1alpha18: #7164 add log message to help fail2ban catch dialthrough
12.0.1alpha17: Use Framework new wrapper function for last_id
12.0.1alpha16: Tidy up ancient checks in macro-user-callerid, add minor Device User Mode fix
12.0.1alpha15: Cron Manager changes to allow changes from advanced settings page

Is there a way to update iso based installation to the latest beta?

Please answery question I asked on full version of ISO as this issue with core not being enabled was FIXED already.

Core was disabled because it was a bug in the version @tonyclewis said was fixed on 6-30-2014. You can enable core and continue on with life and all things will work fine. This is an alpha/beta cycle there will be unexplained events and circumstances. You can also update the ISO and FreePBX the same way was in the past.

Distro: http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FD/FreePBX-Distro-6.12.65
FreePBX: http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/F2/Module+Admin+User+Guides#ModuleAdminUserGuides-Update

For the sakes of us making 100% sure this is fixed please provide the “long number” version for us to evaluate.

Where do I find the long number?