Extensions and/or Group use specific outgoing Zap Channels -- How?

Hi All,

I’m trying to set a group which has three extensions to use ONLY two zap channels for outgoing calls and roll over to the other if the first is busy but NOT use the third available zap channel. Does anyone have any pointers or detailed instructions on how to set this up? Thanks!!!

In hopes that this might help someone else I’m putting the solution here.

  1. I installed the custom_contexts, the download and instructions are elsewhere on this site.
  2. I created/added the custom_contexts_times to include all of the times I wanted it active. I selected 24 hours/7 days.
  3. In TOOLS there is a custom_contexts admin tab. I made sure that my out routes where listed here. They show up after adding in the custom_contexts page.
  4. In the custom_contexts page I added Context: 1 Description: Any Outbound. I set the ENTIRE Basic Internal Dialplan to DENY. I set all OUTBOUND routes to DENY. In the Feature Code Failover Destination I checked Custom Contexts and selected my outbound context that I had created.
  5. In the extensions for the ones you want included there is a drop down box Custom Context. I selected my outbound context.

After applying each of the above this worked for me. I’m using FreePBX

If anyone finds any errors or improvements please post it so we’ll all know. Hope this helps someone else.