Extensions and lines?

Ok, I have posted this issue before but I just have not gotten anywhere with it. I am trying to use all of my lines on my phones with freepbx. to be clear this is a stupid example of whats happening:

5 line Phone - "registered as extension 101"
heres how it looks:

  • ext 101
  • ext 101 (line 2)
  • ext 101 (line 3)
  • ext 101 (line 4)
  • ext 101 (line 5)

Ok, when a call comes in to extension/user 101 line 1 rings and I answer it like normal. The problem I am having is when someone calls why I am on the phone it goes to line 1 again and message waiting beeps. What I want is for the call to go to line 2. I just don’t understand how to do it. I feel like the other 4 lines are useless. I can make calls on them but not receive calls.

Any help here will be greatly appreciated.

thank you,

Make sure call waiting is turned on…



It may depend on the phone.
What type phone are you using…

Thank you for your responses! I did figure it out it was:

Line ID Mapping: Horizontal

needed to be

Line ID Mapping: Vertical

in the Cisco SPA525G2’s settings. looking into it further, if I had three calls than it would go to the next line. Having it set to vertical works exactly the way I need it to and if I am on the line the next call goes to the next line.

Thank you