Extensions and Contacts to Jitsi

I am very new to all these please help me. I have some extensions ready and all working and i use as softphone Jitsi.
How can i make all jitsi clients in the office to load automatically all extensions and their names? Secondly i tried to import conatcs from bulk handler with a csv file but had problems. Lets say i start importing manually could jitsi be possible to load them?

Please help!!!

That would be a question for jitsi. We don’t integrate with it so they would need to pull data from our DB.

Thanks for the answer but giving name to the extensios is making the internal calls to show the caller id. One example when 14 is calling 15 the name of 14 is coming up. If a import contacts to freepbx will jitsi show them directly? as it does for the internal users?

Internal calls names are set by FreePBX when you make a call from 1 extension to another extension based on the extension name in FreePBX.

please help me how to import contacts to the freepbx and if i do what will jitsi recognize the caller from the number?

Try asking your question here:


Here’s why:

You wouldn’t import your contact to FreePBX - you would export them. FreePBX is the server, Jitsi is the client.

Jitsi doesn’t recognize callers - you get that information from Caller ID information from FreePBX.

The problem we’re having is that you are asking questions in a way that makes them impossible to answer. I don’t know how to help you.

So if someone imports contacts to freepbx there is no possibility for a client like jitsi to say the caller’s name if that
contact (name and number) is in the freepbx? If that is not possible which why do you propose?

Not through Jitsi. Jitsi displays the information that it is provided. If you want additional caller ID information, you need to set up the Caller ID lookup information in FreePBX - it has nothing to do with Jitsi.

If you want Jitsi to do these things, you need to ask the Jitsi people. We can’t help you.

what should i do here to make what i want?

Open the tab, read the instructions, and follow the advise in the Wiki.

the link is?

i have done two things to be able to make jitsi recognise internal calls and external calls. So when an external is calling when he/she is in the asterisk phonebook then jitsi says its name after i have connected CID Lookup Source with Inbound Routes the problem is i try to upload a csv file and i have problem with the Greek language in which my contacts are. is there any solution for that?