Extensions always say "InUse" and appear off the hook

I have two extentions that always appear to be in use even when nobody is on the phone. On the FreePBX panel, they look normal. But other phones see them as in use, and according to the asterisk info page it looks like they are always open. Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s some info on the system if it helps.

CentOS 4.4

From: "Active Channels" 1302 6dde59b1485 00102/00000 ulaw No Tx: ACK 1010 49f140bd79d 00101/327142595 ulaw No Rx: ACK

SIP Registry
1302/1302 D A 5060 OK (157 ms)
1010/1010 D N A 1026 OK (71 ms)

1010 : SIP/1010 State:InUse Watchers 0
1302 : SIP/1302 State:InUse Watchers 14

do you have server side DND set on them?

Good question… I’m actually not sure how that’s setup? How would I find out? I actually didn’t setup the system originally, I somewhat inherited it.


I’m still experiencing this problem. Does anyone have any ideas?


Try this to see if they are in DND from the terminal run this command ‘asterisk -rx “database show”| grep XXX’ (where XXX is the extenison it will show you a bunch of information but should show /CustomDevstate/DNDxxx:in_use or not_inuse if it shows in use dial *9 from the phone to turn it off.