Extensions_additional.conf make change

I want to add some lines in additional.conf in [ext-queues] but every time i change somthing on web and apply it is always removing this lines that i added manualy can you help me guys how can i make it permanent? or is there any other way?

you need to make changes in custom files , not additional

use extensions_custom.conf

pay attention to operators described here https://www.voip-info.org/asterisk-config-extensionsconf for adding or removing lines to apply

Tell us what you’re trying to do. We may some suggestions that don’t require ‘by hand’ modifications to the system at all.

about extensions_custom.conf i know but kinda not working . i am trying to modify this in extensions_additional.conf

include => ext-queues-custom

exten => 155,n(qcall),NoOp(${QPOSITION})
exten => 155,n(qcall),Set(Numberi=${CALLERID(number)})
exten => 155,n(qcall),Set(QPOSITION=${ODBC_Position(${Numberi})})
exten => 155,n(qcall),NoOp(${QPOSITION})
exten => 155,n(qcall),Queue(155,${QOPTIONS},${QAANNOUNCE},${QMAXWAIT},${QAGI},${QGOSUB},${QRULE},${QPOSITION})

i want to do this on Queue (this is code snippet that ai am adding other codes are generated by default via web)

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