Extension with dynamic IP

I have an extension in my Covid-19-Testing-Container connecting via LTE. It’s IP changes some times, freepbx then blocks the new IP. ist there a way to avoid this? (Freepbbx should Accept other IPs for that extension as well).

enable responsive firewall

id also consider turning on fail2ban bypass and Intrusion Detection Sync Firewall

sounds like there is no other way to treat it other than a mobile device , so treat it like any other mobile device you would connect to the system

Use DDNS service like No-IP and properly configure your system to use that FQDN…Once youve done that, Sangoma Connect works great on android devices like its supposed to.

We have a few clients with Dynamic WAN IP’s that we do this for. Runs great without issue.

Hi, could you guide me how I treat a mobile device correctly?
Would help me a lot with my community pharmacy’s Covid19/Influenza/RSV Testing facility.

Kind Regards,

If you have Responsive Firewall enabled and you have removed previously banned addresses, it should just work. DDNS is not needed and no special setup for the mobile should be required.

If the phone’s new IP address gets blocked, post the Asterisk log entries that resulted in the block.

I guess it depends on what he means by “mobile device.” If hes referring to Sangoma Connect, which is what I thing of when discussing a mobile device, then HTTPS is in play and he needs a FQDN…

If we are just talking about remote phone, UDP, no TLS then you can use the PBX static WAN IP, and let responsive firewall run…whitelist the inital IP, let it register and pull config then Responsive Firewall just works.

I never said he didn’t; he doesn’t need DDNS because the PBX has a static IP address.

Even with UDP, I would recommend using a domain name, in case an unforeseen circumstance requires a change in the ‘static’ IP (changing ISP serving an on-site system, changing cloud providers, etc.)

I didnt read anywhere that he said his PBX has a static WAN IP… but assuming it does, I agree, he should still use a FQDN…

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