Extension vs outgoing dialing delay setting

(Gellenb) #1

Recently upgraded from v2 to 15 of Freepbx and I have not been able to find where to set the timeout in dialing. Under v2 when you dialed a 3 digit extension and waited, the call would go to the extension. That worked where extension numbers where the same as area codes. So dialing 212 and wait, would dial the extension, or you could press send to speed things up. If you would dial a DC number say 212-123-4576 and not wait between the area code and the number, the DC number would be dialed. Right now, if I dial 212 instantly extension 212 is ringing. I’ve been looking for that setting in the new version of Freepbx, but have not been able to find it at this point. Any guidance would be appreciated.

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

This is a phone config setting, and would only be exposed in FreePBX if you’re provisioning using Endpoint Manager.

(Dave Burgess) #3

… and it will vary from phone to phone, even within similar product lines and firmware versions.