Extension voicemail file is unplayable (Empty)

Hi experts,

Have one strange issue with FreePBX 15. After receiving .wav file in email as a voicemail, the file being 0KB in size (not playable as the result).

This happens only with one extension. I think this is because system might be confused in general. Here is how their call flows:

2 DID’s

Inbound call --> DID --> Time Condition --> Ring Group --> Rings to person’s cell first, if no answer from cell, goes to 2nd Ring Group --> Rings to all extensions --> if no answered --> Announcement --> After playback --> Shoots vm blast to all extensions.

Now, that person with cell has his internal extension, from which he receives that empty vm, but also there is no device deployed with that extension (it was planned but cancelled). It mainly used to construct call flow and send that vm.

I hope I described clearly. The system is fresh and has latest updates as well as System Admin module for easier email configuration. Also, it sends from Gmail.

Pease let me know what I can check to fix it, or I should look into above flow.

Thank you!

Bump for attention! :slight_smile:

Did you try leaving a voicemail and then listening to it by dialing *98 and then the mailbox?

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