Extension using Zap Channel assume successful connection

I have a support queue setup in FreePBX which dials an extension which uses ZAP/g0/mobilenumber. The problem is that it assumes that this agent has picked up as soon as it connects to an outgoing line. I do not have this problem when I use the VOIP line (SIP/VOIP/mobilenumber). All agents will continue to be called until one is picked up.

Is there any way to achieve this over the ZAP Channel?

Thanks in advance

You will have to answer the call manually or through the dial plan.
Backgrounddetect or waitforsilence (patched in 1.2 branch) with a silence over 4 sec.
nvlinedetect was available but requires a lot of knowledge to get and install properly.

If you do a followme you can set it to look for a dtmf response (press 1 to accept call sort of thing) from the analog phone line within a set period of time otherwise it assumes it is not answered. The auto recognition stuff that tries to detect line status is experimental and not considered very reliable.

I presume you are using a fxo / pstn zap channel. With a PRI/BRI you have answer supervision via the d-channel and this is working as a sip/iax trunk.

But for a fxo / pstn channel, you can use:


in zapata.conf and kewlstart in zaptel.conf as well - if your telco supports it. It’s all about the telco changing the polarity when the call is answered and when it’s hanged up - and asterisk using it to say if it’s answered.

but 95% of the time answer supervision is not supported on analog lines in N. America. At least that’s my impression.

If by some chance it is you may need to pay extra for it. When I phoned a telco about it they didn’t even know what I was talking about. YMMV.

I’m in Australia. The Polarity Switching and Follow Me suggestions were both unsuccessful unfortunately. With the Follow Me asterisk assumes a connection when using the Zap even though I have checked “Confirm Calls”. Further testing of the confirm call with local extensions proved to be unsuccessful as well. The calls never ask for confirmation. The connection is instantaneous. I tried this for both Follow me and Ring Group with the same result. I ensured that I was using ringall strategy as per the suggestion in the feature.

Any further ideas?

follow-me with call confirmation works - if you are having problems then there is some other issue. With a zap trunk, that is the only reliable way that you will be able to use an external agent as part of the queue. It works quite well.

Yes I have used the confirm call feature myself and it does work well.

As I recall, you have to select an announcement. It won’t work properly with announcement set to “NONE”. At least that is what I had to do with FPBX 2.2.x. I believe that is documented somewhere.