Extension Unavailable Voice Prompt


I am having problems removing the " Person at extension *** is unavailable" before going to ext/voicemail.

I have tried disabling this already via dial plan in VM admin but still its present

I don’t understand your request.

The “Person at extension *** is unavailable” is played only when the mailbox does not have a personal greeting recorded. Usually, a mailbox should have a personal greeting, which will play if e.g. an extension is unanswered for the specified ring time.

The Direct Dial Mode you show is used when a voicemail box is dialed, e.g. *100 to reach voicemail for extension 100. If your call flow explicitly transfers to voicemail e.g. “To leave a message in the general mailbox, please press 5”, you can specify ‘no message’ on the destination and the caller will just hear the beep to start recording.

If the above does not help, provide details of under what circumstances you don’t want the “… is unavailable” to be played.

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