Extension to external number

What is the best way to make an extension that dials an external number. It seems like there should be a way to set up an extension that does this directly, but I cant seem to figure it out.

I know you can make ring group that dials an external number, but that seems to be not the cleanest way to implenent this.


What is the code to make an extension that forwards to another extension? (I have multiple lines coming into phone line so I want to route then all to their own extension for tracking before sending to the phone).

And I assume there is a way to send the call directly to a person’s voicemail by a custom extension…


There may be various ways in which you’ll want to connect the current call to the remote so it all depends on how you use it.

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The Custom Extension worked like a champ. I knew there had to be a simple solution to this issue.

With a clean, 1-step solution, would there be a reason to impliment this with the two steps such as the misc destination/application method?

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I personally like the Custom Extension method because there is only one entry that needs to be done.

Yep, Misc App to call the Misc Destination is better!

Easier yet: Create a Misc. Destination as peterbokunet suggested, but then just create a Misc. Application, and for the “Feature Code” just put in the shortcut (extension) number you want to use. It does NOT need to start with a * or anything like that, it can be a number in your normal extension space if you like. Then make the destination your Misc. Destination.

This same method works if you want to override normal dialing of a number. For example, if you have users that insist on dialing your DID number to reach someone else on your PBX, causing the unnecessary use of external trunks, just set up Misc. Applications, put the DID numbers as the Feature Codes, and then make the destination whatever that DID would normally go to. You might have to make two or three per DID to support 11, 10, and/or 7 digit dial patterns.

Create a Misc Destination:
Description: Text to describe where this goes
Dial: <dialstring, “9411” for example>

Create the extension you want.

Edit Follow Me to add to your extension and set “Destination if no answer” to point to the Misc Destination you created.

Others may have nicer/easier ways.

I have a couple of these mostly for convenience. You can add them to the rest of FreePBX just like a “normal” extension. I kind of like Peter’s method better though.

Add an extension of type Other (Custom) and put what you want in:

“This device uses custom technology.

technology/destination, e.g. “SIP/[email protected]” or “gtalk/asterisk/[email protected]

To have a number route outbound using FreePBX’s standard routing rules use:

Local/[email protected]