Extension to extension getting 2 different packet in Wireshark

im facing issue on third party recorder to capture recording file. checked on Wireshark packet captured 1 conversation extension to extension separate to 2 different packet. do any idea to configure in Pabx that this conversation between extension are merge into 1 file?

extension 8001 IP address is
extension 8868 IP address is
Pabx IP address is
current situation as below picture.

They are two independent calls. They may be connected to each other in Asterisk, but they are still independent. There is no configuration or ability to change this.

I’m call from extension 8001 to 8868. is not become 1 packet call flow as 8001 <—> Pabx <–>8868?

1st packet call flow is as below.

2nd packet call flow is as below.

Yes, one side is the calling leg and the other side is the called leg. It is not a single a flow because Asterisk, and thus FreePBX, is not a SIP proxy. They are two separate calls. Any association is one you create yourself.

understood. any idea to build SIP proxy to make it in 1 flow?

There exist SIP proxies, such as Kamailio, but they are fundamentally different and completely separate from Asterisk and FreePBX.

I understood. thanks for answering my question.

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