Extension to extension getting 2 different packet in Wireshark

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(Superdigi) #1

im facing issue on third party recorder to capture recording file. checked on Wireshark packet captured 1 conversation extension to extension separate to 2 different packet. do any idea to configure in Pabx that this conversation between extension are merge into 1 file?

extension 8001 IP address is
extension 8868 IP address is
Pabx IP address is
current situation as below picture.

(Joshua C. Colp) #2

They are two independent calls. They may be connected to each other in Asterisk, but they are still independent. There is no configuration or ability to change this.

(Superdigi) #3

I’m call from extension 8001 to 8868. is not become 1 packet call flow as 8001 <—> Pabx <–>8868?

1st packet call flow is as below.

2nd packet call flow is as below.

(Joshua C. Colp) #4

Yes, one side is the calling leg and the other side is the called leg. It is not a single a flow because Asterisk, and thus FreePBX, is not a SIP proxy. They are two separate calls. Any association is one you create yourself.

(Superdigi) #5

understood. any idea to build SIP proxy to make it in 1 flow?

(Joshua C. Colp) #6

There exist SIP proxies, such as Kamailio, but they are fundamentally different and completely separate from Asterisk and FreePBX.

(Superdigi) #7

I understood. thanks for answering my question.