Extension to extension calls forced to use inbound routes

Can anyone think of a relatively straightforward way that would force extension to extension calls to go to the inbound route selection versus an extension to extension? I’m flexible if it’s an extension by extension solution or ideally, it could force all the extensions on a single box into this behavior. Thanks for any insights or recommendations.

What do you mean by inbound route selection?

When an extension calls another extension, I want it to reference the inbound routes context.

I have extensions 100x and when they are called directly,100x calls 100y for example, I want it to go to the matching inbound route context. I don’t think it does today.

Maybe it is as simple as putting an inbound route for the extension and it would work?

You can put extensions into different contexts under Advanced → Context inside each extension but I am still not sure what you mean by inbound route.

Inbound routes are something completely separate from extensions that are already internal to the system.

I guess I am having a hard time visualizing a use case here.

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There is a context that external calls go to (the name escapes me at the moment), maybe from-trunk. From there it goes to a context that references the routes built in the connectivity>inbound routes module.

Extensions extensions going to extensions do not go to the inbound route context normally. However my need is that it does, so that I can route the call in a systematic way, without custom code (keep the work in the gui).

As far as the use case, I prefer not to share in this thread as I don’t was side conversation as to wether or not it’s a good idea. I’m just experimenting and this a a piece of a bigger design in my mind, for now. If it works I’ll do a write up for the bigger idea.

I think you answered my question well enough to move me to the next step. Thanks!

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