Extension that dials pstn phone doesn't go to voicemail

I have an issue with custom extensions set to dial external numbers defined like
[email protected] or zap/g0/XXXXXXX in the dial definition that do not obey time outs set in queues or follow me.
It seems that once the call is dialed to the destination number it keeps ringing regardless of whether the timeout should have been reached or not.
I remember in the old amportal there was an extension time out for voicemail in the setup… it worked.

For example I have a queue setup with an agent time out of 10 seconds and a retry of 5 seconds. Once my cellphone is dialed it stays connected well past 10 seconds until my cell phone voice mail answers.

Is there a work around/fix for this?

No one else has this issue?

Yes, me too! I’ve been searching around for a solution to this issue and cannot find anything.

For me, I set up a queue with all the options I wanted and to time out after just 30 seconds. I did this with RINGALL and HUNT, and when it hits my cell phone (and it DOES dial, so that works fine) it will ring well past the 30 seconds. In fact my queue hold music will stop after 30 seconds and the call just sort of ‘transfers’ to my cell phone until I pick it up or it goes to my cell voicemail.

Ideally I would like to have it time out after 30 seconds and just hit my FreePBX VM instead.

You are doing it wrong
Use follow me do not create a exten for the hard line
enter it in under the follow me


Do you mean to say that it is not possible to go to an external line but have it come back to the system for VM?

Using Follow Me did not work either. I set up my extension and my cell number (followed by #) and the exact same thing happend. It rang my extension, then my cell and kept ringing until my cell VM picked up even though I told it to on ring 3 times for a maximum of 20 seconds.

Trust follow me works, it may not be working for you in your setup.

now I do not know about your 3 rings = 20 secs.???

Cell phone ring tones are a max of 29.5 seconds as a rule; so at 30 sec it is “answering” the phone

What you hear as already happened…when U hear a ring in the headset it has already gone down the line, same as answer; when the cell phone is answering the call U still hear ring; the Cell phone does really answer the call it is just the handset so to speak.

If I do not want my cell VM to grab the call I must answer within the first two rings on my cell…If I am not close to one of my cell phone providers towers and my provide must pass me off tot he GSM grid then I must take the call at first ring because the inbound has already rang three times before I get the first ring.

So to get around you create two extens the first is what will catch most calls, the second one is the failover for the first one.

They both use a follow with a please hold or whatever, so if the call comes in and I missed the first call I know if they are still on the line I will get a second chance to grab the call

The second exten follow me will also ring a second set of exten’s (follow me) as a backup; in case my cell is dead or I am out of tower range and then fail to VM if I do not grab the call

you can use the two anounments to say whatever you wish as you pass the call to let the caller know what is going on with the call.

And yes it is a bit of a homebrewed setup but it works to get around the 29.5 sec cell phone rule.