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Just curious if there is a way to check the status of connected extensions (Online/available, offline, etc) other than Reports-> Asterisk Info -> Peers. Maybe something with a graphical representation of extensions that are online? I seem to remember the asterisk-gui having something like this with a green or red light next to the extension number, but can’t seem to find anything like that in freepbx, or maybe a module that does this function? Thanks!

Nothing in FreePBX, but as it’s only Asterisk info you could use something like FOP2 for a paid solution.

Alternatively, you could probably code something to do this or find an open-source asterisk module.

Or file a feature request issues.freepbx.org

There are many, many options out there for this, (way too many to put together a list) many of which include additional functionality. One of the other commercial modules is “iSymphony”, which can do this. FOP2 works in both Free and Paid implementations. There is a Nagios Module that can query the extension state and you can use that do display status. There are more than a handful of “scoreboard” systems out there that can do all sorts of extension and queue status displays. Without knowing “what else” you need the system to do, it’s really hard to make a good recommendation.

The trick isn’t finding one that meets your needs (watching the lights to see if any go out sounds pretty OCD without context :slight_smile: ), the trick is to find one that does what you needs without a lot of extra crap thrown in. As an example, FOP2 was originally envisioned as an “Operator Console” so that a company receptionist could easily manage an enterprise’s telephone system efficiently and professionally. ‘iSymphony’ has a similar goal set. Nagios, on the other hand, allows you to monitor the status of your system in many ways and with many means of contact.

Tell us more and we might be able to provide you with some recommendations.

Thanks for the reply. A graphical representation of Asterisk Info -> Peers is basically what I’d be looking for. Something showing users and their online state, and if they are on a call and to who would be nice as well. The older asterisk-gui 2.0 had a light next to all the extensions that showed their status (online/offline), which I thought was pretty cool. Either way its not a make or break for me, because the system by itself is just pain awesome. I’m not using this for a cell center or enterprise type setup. Just a small group of people who manage a couple of servers who have a need for conference calling and direct extensions to facilitate the work is all.

Online/Offline status, if in a call, and to who ultimately.


This would be such an awesome new implementation!
i think it would be even kinda “easy” to do it, just

So you can see wich are on/off and wich are busy and not (maybe even wich number they are calling")

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The system is open source and has the capability of adding new features through both the unofficial distribution and through source code adds.

It really sounds like he’s looking for FOP2.


It will show you if an extension is offline, if they’re on the phone, and who they are talking to, as well as if it’s ringing, if it’s on DND, etc. etc. etc.

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Here is a picture of our installation, complete with touch-screens. :smiley:


If its completly free its perfect!

Gonna test it out!

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