Extension state idle instead of unavailable - Sangoma D80

I have a weird problem: freePBX 15, Asterisk 13.38.2
All phones are disconnected except for a D80 (ext 14). In the BLF list it says that ext 17 is idle, but this phone isn’t even connected. I looked everywhere, but could not find a setting, which I set differently regarding the ext 17. All the other disconnected phones show “unavailable”, just the 17…doesn’t work.

    [email protected]        : SIP/14&Custom:DND14,  State:Idle            Presence:available       Watchers  1
    [email protected]        : SIP/15&Custom:DND15,  State:Unavailable     Presence:available       Watchers  1
    [email protected]        : SIP/16&Custom:DND16,  State:Unavailable     Presence:available       Watchers  1
    [email protected]        : SIP/17&Custom:DND17,  State:Idle            Presence:available       Watchers  1

Any ideas what I can do? Is it stuck? Can I reset it?

The auto-hints are ok

[email protected]: SIP/14,CustomPresenc  State:Idle            Presence:available       Watchers  1
[email protected]: SIP/15,CustomPresenc  State:Unavailable     Presence:available       Watchers  0
[email protected]: SIP/17,CustomPresenc  State:Unavailable     Presence:available       Watchers  0
[email protected]: SIP/19,CustomPresenc  State:Unavailable     Presence:available       Watchers  0

here the peers…17 is not there…why “idle”?

When I connect a SIP-phone with the credentials of ext 17 and make a call, the blf info on the D80 correctly shows “inuse”. Yet, when I disconnect the phone (ext17)…again it’s “idle”.

ok, I found it…if the extension status is stuck, open the User Control Panel and enable DND…switch it back to disable…and all of a sudden the extension is unavailable (not idle), when the phone is disconnected.

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