Extension Secret password length

For extension secret, can I use a password with a length of up to 32 characters? I ask as if I use a password longer than 15, when I run sip show users from the Asterisk CLI, it only shows 15 characters.

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The display is truncated at 15 characters, but the secret is still 32 chars.

Thanks. I would also like to say, freepbx is a hell of a good program, so hats off to the developers.

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The display notwithstanding, there are many phones that limit the password length to less than 32 characters. IIRC, there are several Polycom versions that only allow 31 characters, most Cisco SIP phones limit you to 31, 15, 12, or 8 characters (depending on firmware version and phone). There are also phones out there that will not accept certain characters, some will only do digits, and others are even stupider.

The system is very accommodating, with any luck at all, so is your phone.

Works fine at 25 on yealink, did not try 32. Thanks…

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