Extension routing with analogue gateways

I have FreePBX freshly installed and have a pjsip trunk to a Cisco VG224 analogue gateway configured, and also a trunk to my SIP gateway. The analogue gateway has two FXS ports configured and the phones can make outbound calls to the PSTN, and can receive incoming calls. What I’m struggling to understand is how to stop those phones being able to call the PSTN.
I’ve purchased the Extension Routing module, but it’s nothing to do with that, because I can make these calls without extensions defined in FreePBX. How do I use FreePBX to control where these analogue phones are able to call? At the moment I seem to have got into a position where FreePBX doesn’t need to have any extensions configured on it and I can make calls. What I thought I was going to end up with is all my extensions configured on FreePBX, with routes connecting ranges of extensions to each analogue gateway, with FreePBX governing what outbound routes those extensions can use. But I seem to have no relationship between FreePBX extensions and the analogue gateway where those extensions reside

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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