Extension Routing Module Question

What determines what outbound paths are selected by default for extensions when the extension routing module is installed? I don’t see anyplace to set this default for a PBX.

The reason I ask, is that I have a system that has eight outbound routes available, and I am not sure why, but when I go into an extension I haven’t made any custom changes to, and look at the checked routes, I see that 6 of the 8 routes are checked, but two are not. I can’t figure out why it picked the six it did, but I need the rest available as well, considering some are inter-company routes.

So you say, just edit each extension and set what you desire, seems simple enough, but I have over 300 extensions in this system, so that is a LOT of editing to fix them to what I desire as my starting point default. So why being able to create this baseline starting point would sure be nice.

When creating a new route it auto adds all extensions to the route, when creating a new extension it auto adds the extension to all routes.

Hi, all.
Module ‘extension routes’ and ‘extension routing’ is same thing? I installed ‘extension routes’ from menu item ‘admin->module admin’, and i didn’t get any error messages while install.

But I don’t see additional setting neither extension neither outbound route menu item. No difference before or after installation.

Where problem?

Its a licensed module.