Extension Routing module not available for free

I just installed and activated a new freepbx pbx and noticed that there is a link saying that because of the activation, " * [You are eligible for the Free Extension Routing module](link removed because I’m a new user but you can find it under Admin / System Admin / Activation) "

I hit the link but it is a broken link.

I want to check with the community if this is a real valid offer or I have to pay to upgrade the module to a 25 year licensed commercial module.

Whilst it’s free, you need to order it through the portal using the deployment ID you’ve just activated.

went to the portal, it has 2 options, a free one year license and a USD 39 25 year license. Once we activate the pbx are entitled to the one year or the 25 year license?

I tried to search for my deployment and the portal couldn’t find it. Do I need to find it to get the free activation?

A new activation entitles you to the free 1 year licence, but it’s not automatic, you must ‘purchase’ the zero dollar license and apply it to your deployment. If you continue to have issues, please open a ticket of type customer service and billing for direct assistance.

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