Extension Routing module and custom extensions

Note: I can’t open a ticket because the licensed module, although listed in my deployment, doesn’t show up as an option to submit a ticket for, so I post my question to the community which is probably where it needs to be anyway.

In the past I had been accustomed to using extensions_custom.conf and the [ext-local-custom] context for custom extension applications. These are *XXX extension codes to perform various functions, including chanelspy, and a custom Google cloud voice response/recording, etc. These worked fine until I implemented the Extension Routing module and now accessing those custom extensions internally fail with “restrictedroute…”

So my question is, is this where I should be doing things like this, and if not where? And does anyone know whether there is a way for the Extension Routing module to ignore extensions defined like this.

(if I remove the extension routing module, my custom extensions work again)


I did some very quick testing based on your description, and as far as I can see extensions in ext-local-custom always get executed before outbound-restricted-routes. If you provide your custom dialplan and a call trace when you dial it, maybe that will reveal a clue.

Sorry for the late reply especially after such a quick response (thank you). I went back to the docs to try and understand what I’m doing better and make sure what I’m doing belongs where I put it.

The [ext-local-custom] is being executed properly. I have a dialplan issue that exists before this, and another issue that is a dialplan issue within the SPA device I was using for testing. The Cisco/Linksys SPA has a dialplan that restricts the *XXX that we are using for the custom extension/app. It is modifying the dialed number and passing it through to asterisk modified, which then triggers the restricted route.

The trace helped me see this up to the point before I realized the SPA was trimming my responses out, thus the default route kicked in, and it looked like an international number which then fell properly into the restricted route.

I think I have it figured out now, and am glad that this is where I am supposed to be. I’m not yet used to the Freepbx interface…thank you for your help!

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