Extension routing doesn't seem to always route

I have 5 outbound routes on my system, the first 4 go out through a set of pure sip trunks configured to connect to 3 sip providers (same 3 providers, same order for each trunk). The 5th is a sip connection to a grandstream FXO gateway to an analog line. All 5 routes are configured with identical dial patterns, the only difference is the outgoing caller ID which is configured differently for each of the routes.

Each of the extensions is programmed to only have 1 available route, based on what caller ID should be delivered for that outgoing call.

I’d been making some outbound calls and noticed that the sound quality sounded as if it was on the analog line… yet that extension wasn’t supposed to have connection to the analog route. Did a few test calls to myself and showed that the calls were definitely going out on the analog line based on the caller ID, then verified this to be the case in the call logs. Played around with about a dozen different things (the order of the routes, multiples assigned, none assigned, etc) and though nothing specifically seemed to fix all of a sudden it seemed everything working.

However this evening I tried to make a call from an extension that is rarely used and the call went out route 5. Verified that route 1 was the only route checkmarked in the extension. Tried another call with the same result. Used the “all” checkbox to remove all of the routes from the extension and then re-marked route 1. Made an outgoing call and this time the call went out the route it was configured to (confirmed both by the caller ID and the call logs).

Is there anything that could be glitched in the database that could result in this happening… and that clearing all and then re-selecting the desired route would fix? I didn’t want to try troubleshooting any further without input as I’m sure I’ve only got 1 or 2 extensions left that are used infrequently enough to case the issue… after which I don’t know if I’ll be able to reproduce what’s happening.


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