Extension Routing Bug


I recently stumbled across some undesired behavior that took me company by storm so I figured id share to see if it would be wort a pull request. But short and simple when you activate extension routing the default behavior for ALL objects on all outbound routes is BLOCK. So in my case I added the module to a handful of deployments from the Sangoma portal and through attrition that module went live on each of those systems and suspended all outbound calling across the board until we ran through and kicked over all of the extension objects to the allow side for each route on all the systems we activated the module.

I would assume the default behavior upon landing should be 0 impact and therefore include all endpoint as allow that way the administrator can circle back through and restrict as necessary without causing a downtime. This could also be very labor intensive for systems that have large quantities of outbound routes in existence upon activation.

While I understand your frustration, I can see both sides of this.

Part of the reason for getting the module in the first place is to restrict people from using certain routes. Otherwise, it wouldn’t really be necessary if everyone used all of the routes.

That being said I do agree that activating a module on a PBX should not automatically stop it from working. I am not quite sure what the happy middle could be.

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