Extension Routes - Quasi-Feature request or Bug Report?

I don’t often use this feature, but I do have a few boxes with people in different area codes, so that is where I use this.

Without this module, everyone you add has access to all routes and they are processed in order - this is normal.

Problem comes when you add this module (pay for it) to an existing box - twice in the last two days I have done this and when you buy the module and apply the change (purchase) everyone is dis-allowed on all routes!

This leads to some frantic clicking to go through all the extensions and re-enable them for outbound calling - luckily inbound is not affected.

Since before the module the environment was permit-all, shouldn’t the environment stay that way and not dis-allow everyone on installation?

Should I file a bug report?

It does seem to violate the rule of least astonishment to me. Perhaps suggest a check box for “Allow All” vs “Deny All” in installation?

You guys are going to have to take all this to Sangoma’s commercial support, it is a commercial module, and thus obfuscated by them from us.

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Dicko. Please stop telling people that. These forums are to discuss anything related to FreePBX and Sangoma products. They are asking a question to get feedback from the community and Greg I am sure will open a feature request on this at issues.freepbx.org once he confirms what others are thinking.

Bug report created:


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