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Hi All.

Sometimes on the modules, I can see that Extension Routes is free after registering, but following the steps is impossible to find how can register for getting free. After clicking to register to get free open the marketing page for buy modules.
It’s confusing. How Sangoma doen’t fix that? If doen’t likes to give for free, just remove this message from the modules.

I see another customer with the same problem. When I go to the sangoma website I can not find any information about that. It’s weird.

COS isn’t free, it’s a Commercial Module and you need to order it through the portal. I just logged in and can clearly see it in the store. Product code FPBX-C01Y-CLS

Great Richard!

It’s ok that it’s not free. The problem is, why on freepbx module shows that it’s free after registering?
Once is not free, they should remove it from there.

ops, forget about that. I was trying to say about Extension Routes

The extensions routes say: Upgrade *Obtain a free license.
Byt after click I can never find how can obtain that.

Ok, so Extension Routing is different. Product code for Extension Routes is FPBX-C01Y-EXR and it shows as $0.

Great, I found it. Just show $0 after login. Make a sense. But it’s just a year. I thought that lifetime.

But thanks for your helping. Now, after you tip, I got it.

Happy new year! :slight_smile:

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