Extension routes and [bad-number]

First off, forgive me if this has been answered somewhere else.

I’ve installed and registered the Extension Routes module, everything seems to be working as it should, with the exception of one item.

When someone dials an invalid extension, we get nothing but a no-circuits type fast busy signal. We’re looking for a way for it to follow the [bad-number] procedure within extensions_additional.conf

Any suggestions?
Sample from the CLI:

-- Executing [[email protected]:33] Set("SIP/3210-000001b9", "CHANNEL(language)=en") in new stack
-- Executing [[email protected]:2] Set("SIP/3210-000001b9", "ROUTEUSER=3210") in new stack
-- Executing [[email protected]:3] GotoIf("SIP/3210-000001b9", "1?restrictedroute-1-7-8-9,3219,2:outbound-allroutes,3219,2") in new stack
-- Goto (restrictedroute-1-7-8-9,3219,2)

[2014-10-15 17:50:34] WARNING[19336][C-0000013e]: pbx.c:6390 __ast_pbx_run: Channel ‘SIP/3210-000001b9’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=restrictedroute-1-7-8-9,3219,2

How about a “catch-all” route at the bottom of the route list. Use that to direct to whatever announcement, misc destination, etc your looking for?

That’s the thing, I have a catchall route at the bottom of the route list, didn’t help.

Specifically, within my extensions_additional.conf file, I have my [bad-number] section where I’d like restricted calls sent to, instead of a no circuits signal.

Can you create a Custom Destination pointing to your bad-number section. And then call that Custom Destination with the catch-all route?

I used Custom Destinations some time back to point to a custom dial plan someone provided me. Don’t remember any specifics anymore though…