Extension ringing also if It Is offline

I have fpbx 16 with asterisk 18.
I have created extension and each extension has the voicemail activated.
The extensions are ringing also if they are offline despite there Is “voicemail of unavailable”.
Whats wrong?

I forgot to say that this issue happens doing internal calls. Despite i change call forward ringtime, the call keeps ringing for some second and then goes to the voicemail if it is offline. I’d like that if an extension is offline, the call goes straight to the voicemail. Someone can help me?

From what I remember reading recently, you have to explicitly configure FreePBX to generate a period of ringing. That is apparently essential;for some networks. I therefore suspect that it is the calling network that is starting ringback without an Alerting indication from the called one, and you cannot control that.

In particular, if you have an incoming analogue line, in most parts of the world, it is not possible for ringing current to not be applied (the UK has a system that allows caller ID to be sent without ringing, but even then the network probably send ringback).

You don’t seem to have said what channel technology you are using. That tends to be done by people using SIP, but there are now two choices of SIP channel driver, although one is deprecated.

All the extension are created on chain_pjsip, i’m tring ti call fron an extension using sip client on android(tried also using windows sip client) to another pjsip extension that Is not registered and It Is offline(i want that if and extension Is offline, the call Is directly forwarded to the voicemail without ringing)

I’ve read ringing to really mean ringback (i.e. the sound heard by the caller). Is that correct?

Yes Sorry i mean, the caller can hear the ring back also if the callee Is offline and than the call goes to voicemail. I want that if the extension Is offline the call goes directly to voicemail

I forgot to say that all the extensions have Enabled webrtc

I found out that the issue was caused by the device created by zulu(i have only installed the free license of zulu, but keeps creating extensions 90xx ).
Is there a way to completely disable it or to change the default behavior and don’t forward calls to 90xx extension?

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