Extension registered but can't be dialed?


I have a single extension (863) that is a polycom phone. I see it is registered when I do SIP show peers. Here is a small snippet.

861/861 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (22 ms)
862/862 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (22 ms)
863/863 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (22 ms)
864/864 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (24 ms)

For some reason this extension cannot be dialed? But all the other ones can? When I dial it goes straight to voicemail saying the person is unavailable.

Here is the snippet in the logs when I dial it.

[2016-08-16 11:21:52] WARNING[27030][C-00006cbe]: func_presencestate.c:132 presence_read: PRESENCE_STATE unknown
    -- Executing [[email protected]:1] Goto("SIP/756-0000d04a", "state-,1") in new stack
    -- Goto (sub-presencestate-display,state-,1)
    -- Executing [[email protected]:1] Set("SIP/756-0000d04a", "PRESENCESTATE_DISPLAY=") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:2] Return("SIP/756-0000d04a", "") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:40] Set("SIP/756-0000d04a", "CONNECTEDLINE(name,i)=Josh M") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:41] Set("SIP/756-0000d04a", "CONNECTEDLINE(num)=863") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:42] Set("SIP/756-0000d04a", "D_OPTIONS=TtrI") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:43] Macro("SIP/756-0000d04a", "dialout-one-predial-hook,") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:1] MacroExit("SIP/756-0000d04a", "") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:44] Dial("SIP/756-0000d04a", "Local/[email protected]/n,15,TtrI") in new stack
[2016-08-16 11:21:52] NOTICE[27030][C-00006cbe]: chan_local.c:978 local_call: No such extension/context [email protected] while calling Local channel
    -- Couldn't call Local/[email protected]/n

If anyone has any insight that would be great.


I’ve tried factory resetting the phone, and reloading the config, but it still does not work. I’ve also checked the phone and it is not in DND mode.

From here, it looks like something is changing your dialed extension from 863 to 6. It looks like something in macro-dialout-one-predial-hook is making cole slaw out of your dialed number.

It also looks suspiciously like you are trying to call 863 from 756, but your caller id says that you are calling from 863. Something about that just looks wrong.

It’s also possible that your phone is misconfigured or broken and the number pad is messing up.

You’re correct I am calling from 756. Not sure why that output looks weird, I put it in very verbose mode maybe that’s why. It’s not just my phone, other phones around here too are not able to dial this extension. Every other extension can be dialed just fine.


I fixed this issue by deleting the extension, and then re-adding it. Settings exactly the same, so unsure what changed or what caused this.