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Sorry if it was asked here before. Is Pjsip recommended protocol when we create modern extensions to use in both physical IP phone and soft one? I think I created extension manually and I’m having issue to add sip one into the soft phone app, when I switch to pjsip it registers fine, sip one works ok with physical IP phone.

Also, noticed if use wizard pjsip is default choice.


Chan_SIP is depreciated. PJSIP is the current protocol.

Thank you for answer. If I switch extension from chan_sip to pjsip will phones need to be rebooted?

Yes, and i’d also reboot the pbx after confirming your transport settings because your port numbers will switch based on sip or pjsip driver being used. Definitely use PJSIP for users… If you use twilio, use sip trunks. Their pjsip trunking is buggy still.

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Maybe. If the phones are set up to connect to 5060 (for example) and you turn off Chan-SIP (assume on 5060) and turn on PJ-SIP (again on port 5060), the phones “should” just disconnect and then reconnect to port 5060. From the phone’s perspective, as long as the protocol is right (SIP) and the port is right (5060, for example), then the phones might just reconnect automagically.

You must at least restart Asterisk for port bindings to take effect.

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Tried on one extension and it worked after phone reboot.

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One anomaly I noticed that from soft-phone they cannot hear voice in incoming call from extension(registered from my soft-phone). I will restart Asterisk tonight.

fwconsole restart should do everything needed to get things working.

Don’t forget to click SUBMIT and than APPLY CONFIG on every extension after you convert from SIP to PJSIP because i had the same problem

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