Extension question

Experts, probably something easy: one extension 111 and when somebody calls that extension there supposed to be also calling 112 (111 & 112) is there any settings besides ring group?

thank you so much

Either a ring group or a queue, whichever you prefer.

none of above, I have completely forget about FIND / FALLOW me and ring-all with even CID NAME prefix 111 so the person 112 see that 111 for some reason did not picked

Even though you can do that with FMFM, the “most appropriate” way to do it would be with a ring group. FMFM idea is to ring a second phone if the first one doesn’t answer. In fact, if you want to ring more than 2 phones simultaneously with FMFM, you would need to set up FMFM on every phone but the last, while using a ring group would only be a matter of adding the desired extensions to the existing ring group.

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