Extension Problems

I have a PBX setup and installed and configured with 3 remotes extensions that are not at the location of the PBX. There is a VPN and the location of the PBX and a VPN at the location of the 3 remote extensions. The are connected together over a VPN tunnel. My problem is that the remote extensions will show registered but they will not ring when I phone call comes to them. Any help would be great!!!

You have a network problem

there are many tools in asterisk and bash

sip set debug on

to see if the hosts see your server and your server sees the hosts.

tcpdump at a lower level . . . .

What sort of VPN have you between the sites? Is it PPTP or IPSEC, etc?

How are your extensions set in terms of NAT? If VPN access then NAT should be set to NO.