Extension problem

I would like to find out why I cannot take up new extension, the already existed, on the asterisk?
The extension didn’t appeared and because of this it cannot be able to register to the Asterisk.
I refreshed the Asterisk several times.
The asterisk version number is :2.2.3.
Thank you for you help.
Bye Vricsi.

Vricsi -

I’m guessing at what you are asking. If i’ve guessed wrong, please ask again with more detail.

FreePBX only uses what you can see on the extensions webpage.

Once you click on the ‘apply changes’ bar, it writes it to the dialplan (many files, but extensions are shown in /etc/sip_additional.conf) and asterisk can use it with the FreePBX scripts.

If you don’t see it in sip_additional.conf, it won’t be used.

You can’t enter it by hand, because it appears many places.

The whole purpose of FreePBX is so you can use the web interface and not have to hand-code.


You were understood my problem perfectly, and it was solved. I thank you very much for your help.
Bye vricsi.