Extension on demand recording

I need to enable on demand recording on all extensions as for some reason by default it is set as disabled, is there a way to enable them all at once instead of going through all the extensions one by one?

and if possible to change the setting so that when a new extension is created it is by default


Use the Bulk Handler module to modify the on-demand recording to all extensions at a time.

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so I just export all extensions, change the field on all extension and then import and apply and thats it ?

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Yes.Change the field on all extension and then import it.

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ok thanks :slight_smile:

Question on this, because I don’t know what the current guidance is on it:

When you import the file back in, all you should need are the “required” fields (which are clearly identified on the Import Screen) and the ones that were actually changed, right? Anything that isn’t in the import file is left unmolested, right?

Asking for a friend :slight_smile:

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