Extension number settings in FreePBX

Hello, everyone!
Could someone help me, I have freePBX with Asterisk, and have 100 extension numbers, and I have task to do:

  1. Some extension number (for ex:3001) could be able to call to every other extensions (from 3000 to 3099)
  2. But any other numbers (except 3000 and 3002) couldn’t call to this number 3001
  3. When all numbers, except 3000 and 3002, call to 3001, they should hear busy ring (or maybe voice message that alarms you can’t call to this number).
    Please, if someone know how to do it? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks, anyway!
    P.S: Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

have you looked at the free extension routing module?


Thanks, I didn’t know about it!
I try to download this module, but I couldn’t:(
Is there any other way?

Why couldn’t you download the module

i try to download it from schmoozecom.com portal, here it says that it’s free, just need to register, i’ve registered, and process order, but I don’t know where I can download it, it didn’t give me any link to download or etc…


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be sure to “register” your system first (under the system admin). the “purchase” the free module, then update your license file and you are good to go

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Thanks to everyone, i download it)