Extension Number in SIP Diversion When Transfering Calls

We have a problem when forwarding calls to a DID (Direct). When FreePBX transfers the call it uses the extension number in the SIP Contact Diversion field:

Diversion: sip:[email protected];reason=unconditional

Our trunk provider will not process the call as the 1003 is an internal extension number and not the DID. Does anyone know how (preferably within FreePBX GUI) to get the Diversion field to use the DID instead of the extension number?

PBX Firmware:5.211.65-4
PBX Service Pack:

Thank you for your help!


I just re-read this and need to clarify, the problem is forwarding inbound calls made to the DID (i.e. a call from PSTN to the DID of one of our extensions). Example: Outside caller calls J. Smith at DID 3145552121 (extension 1003) and Smith forwards all his calls to 3145552222.