Extension number conflict, please choose another

After I upgraded 4 modules this morning (Core 2.9.0RC1.2 and freepbx framework 2.9.0RC1.2) I get the message: Extension number conflict, please choose another.
when I change the permit settings of a extension.

I have this problem on both our systems (both upgraded).
Is this the place to report the problem?

I have found the solution myself.

Hi, sorry for the ignorance… How do I apply this fix to my system? Thanks

a new module has been published for core that addresses the issue.

please go to online module admin and pull it down it should address it.

sorry for missing that “corner case test” before publishing :frowning:

Thanks, couldn’t have been better timing.

For my understanding for other issues, how would I have patched to 11980 if I would have needed to?

you either use the linux ‘patch’ command along with the svn diff (which is the changeset presented) or if everything is in a single file and that is the only difference since your version, you can replace the entire file by pulling it out of svn.

Unless you are somewhat comfortable, you usually don’t want to patch (or at least save backups, then you are ok). We always try to publish critical bug fixes that are blocking something significant (such as editing an extension) quickly as was the case here.