Extension not using CID or trunk


I don’t know if I am right here, but I have a problem with my freepbx, using the correct CID, Outbound route and/or trunk.

I have configured 3 trunks, 3 in- and outbound routes and 3 extensions and each extension’s using one inbound route and one trunk (with own number),
All calls to the 3 extensions are working correctly. If I dial phone nr. 1, the call is routed to extension 1 over the trunk 1 etc.

But all extensions are only using trunk 1 for outgoing calls - or using the CID from trunk 1.
I want all extension using its attached inbound, outbound route und trunk.
For example:

Trunk 1 Number: +49 12345678
Extension is attached to trunk 1 for incoming calls with inbound route. Works fine.
Extension is doing outgoing calls, CID of Trunk 1 is used (and shown in the call receiving phone).

Trunk 2 Number: +49 87654321
Extension 2 is attached to trunk 2 for incoming calls with inbound route, Works fine.
Extension 2 is doing outgoing calls, CID of trunk 1 is used. Why? Ext. 2 is attached to its own outbound route with own CID and the outbound route is attached to trunk 2. But on the call receiving phone, the CID of trunk 1 is shown.

Extension 3 is doing the same - using CID from trunk 1 or using trunk1. Should use outbound route 3 with trunk 3 (and its own CID).

I have no clue, why Extension 2 and 3 are using trunk 1 or its CID. Should be trunk 2 and 3 and CID of trunk 2 and 3

Any hints?


You do not use a trunk per DID.

You should only have one trunk per SIP provider (generally).

Thank you for your answer.

After switching from ISDN with 10 MSN, I was switched to All IP with VoIP by Telekom.
But I have the same amount of numbers. I don’t have ordered a SIP-Trunk.
And as fas as I know (and also was told) I have to add every one of the MSNs as a trunk.
Everything works fine for incoming calls, but not for the outgoing.

I want every extension using its own trunk with CID for outgoing calls, as it worked for incoming.
Is it about dial patterns?

You must create an Outbound Route for each extension. Put the extension number in the CallerID field on the Dial Patterns page (on each line if you have more than one pattern).

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