Extension not going to ring group when busy


I HAVE read and searched and cannot find the answer

Also apologies if this is in the wrong place.

I am running:

Release Date-2014
FreePBX 12, Linux 6.5
Asterisk 13

Cisco 7961G handset

I have 2 analog lines both with the same number (Both on a sangoma card , both in the same group), When a call comes in it routes to Extension 1000 as needed.

Extension 1000 is setup as 20 seconds ring, and call forward ring time of 25 seconds

All 3 optional destinations are set to go to Ring Group 600 that has extensions 1002 and 1003 in, the Ring Group has an unavailable destination set to ext 1234 voicemail (virtual extension to emulate answer phone)

When the user is busy on Extension 1000, when the second call comes in, it flashes up on ext 1000 Cisco display, then disappears (beeps in ear too). If the caller stays on the line long enough, it re-appears on the Cisco display and repeats this until the caller hangs up. From the callers end, the phones just rings and rings and rings.

It seems to never make it to the ring group , and never ends up at ext 1234 voicemail either.

Any ideas

Thank you


Fixed it

Added the user to first ring group, then added the other 2 to a second ring group. directed all inward calls to first group, then onto second one.