Extension names in Flash Operator Panel cut off

On my freepbx (actually pbxinaflash) implementation I se an inconstent problem with the displaying of names on the FOP.

On The Flash Operator Panel the last part of most extensions names are sometimes cut off.

With a button definition like

Label="217 : Trudy van de Gein"
VoiceMailExt=*[email protected]

It only displays
217 : Trudy van de
Instead of
217 : Trudy van de Gein

In the example above there are many words in a name but e,g,
207 : Sales
Is displayed as
207 :

The names are written correctly in the variables.txt

If I place a full stop after the name, like

Label="217 : Trudy van de Gein ."
It doesn’t help

If I place a x after the name like
Label=“217 : Trudy van de Gein x”

It helps for short names, but not for longer.

It looks like somewhere some algorithm tries to fit the name in a limited space, and cuts of the last word if it doesn’t fit, but I haven’t found a consistent number of maximum characters. In 1 case it looked like it was 15 for most (but not all) names.

Sometimes the same panel is shown correctly on one system and incorrectly in another, but this is not consistently reproducable.

The same panel might show correctly on one system, but not on another. , Some systems show the problem more than others.

On one system the problem showed concistant on the domainname/admin/panel.php, but not on the domainname/panel.php,

Has anyone seen similar behaviour before?.

First off there is some documentation for the FOP in the /var/www/html/panel directory. You’ll need to edit some of the config files to reduce the size of the font and you can fit more.

The author for the panel has his own site at http://www.asternic.org (which you’ll find in the docs and files in that directory I mentioned).

In op_style.cfg I changed the following settings
label_font_size=10 ; was 11
label_extent_x=15 ; was 10