Extension name display incorrect

One of our (now former) team members has died, and her extension number (eg 154) and handset has been re-allocated to another person. (Life goes on.)
Using Cisco SPA-502G handsets.
In FreePBX I’ve given extension 154 a new person’s name.
In the phone, I’ve removed the departed person’s name from all the likely fields; hostname, display name, station name, station displayname.
Now when I call extension 154 from any other, the calling party’s phone still display’s 154 and the name of the departed colleague, which is upsetting for some.
I’m fairly sure this is coming from somewhere in FreePBX, since when extension 154 is physically disconnected, calls divert to voicemail as desired. But the calling party’s phone persists in displaying 154 and the name of our deceased friend.
Please, where in FreePBX can I make corrections to overcome this sub-optimal outcome.
TIA’s for any tips or clues.

Idea. Rather than give Extension 154 a new name, perhaps I should delete the old extension 154, and create a brand new one, with same or different number ??
Seems less than ideal solution, but if it works …

Forgot to include details :
Asterisk (Ver.

Cisco Web Interface, Edit the Personal Directory