Extension modification using bulk handler

hi, i have used the bulk handler to do creates of extensions, but now i want to go back to update a few parameters. can i use bulk handler to update extensions? if i make a csv with 2 columns, one extension and the other, default vm password (for example), will that updated the vm password and leave the remaining columns alone?


Great question I to look forward to the answer to this question.

Set the “Action” column to “Edit (or is it Update??)” and add your two columns. It should do what you’re looking for.

Didn’t they do away with that column in bulk handler?
That was available in bulk extensions, but no longer in bulk handler as far as I know.

I used it a couple of months ago to update VM Options, but if the column is elided, then it works without it, so “cool”.

I know this is ancient but how exactly can I modify a hundred extensions using the bulk handler? Namely due the voicemail settings that were left out during a conversion.

If I try to export from the old bulk handler and import into the new one I get errors

I tried removing all but the necessary two columns (extension and name) and the ones I want to update and I get the same error. Also tried adding an “action” column and using “edit” as well as “update” with no luck.

I have simply edited the column and it works fine.

I exported the list from both the new and old PBX and I see a few columns missing from the old one (hint override, outbound proxy, voicemail extension, and the two calendar options) so I used the newer csv file and still get this stupid error. Also tried a different browser (edge and chrome).