Extension mode not creating device

I recently upgraded several machines from 2.8.x to On one machine, the one with the most users, I am having a problem that does not occur on the other two.

When adding a new sip device, I assign the extension, display name and the secret and click submit. All looks good, except when I go in to edit the extension, none of the device settings are there.

If I switch to device and user mode, I see the user has been created, but the device has not. I can manually add the device and ‘attach’ it to the user and it works fine. If I switch back to extension mode, I can edit as normal.

I see no errors in the /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log, /etc/httpd/error_log or the /tmp/freepbx_debug.log

I have done some digging into the underlying mySQL tables, and the user record looks normal, but nothing is created in the devices or sip tables.

I am not a php guy, but I have been attempting to figure out where the code for the add function is so I can see what might be failing. So far, I am still lost.

It has to be something specific to this machine as the other two I checked do not exhibit this problem.

Any suggestions where I should look?