Extension Mobility

I’m trying to test a setup with FreePBX so that I can have the user login to ANY phone and then the extensions specific loaded to the phone in front of the user.

I searched on this topic and only found some references to Cisco Phones + asterisk, but no mention of any details. I’m working on such a setup with FreePBX and Aastra 57i phones. Anyone have info to share?

If there is enough people looking for this feature, maybe we can all join forces and exchange notes on doing this together.

If I understand you correctly, then you just need to enable “users and devices” mode. Google on that phrase and that should get you started.

I’m sitting in the FreePBX training class right now and this topic was covered just a few minutes ago, which is kinda funny.

I installed Trixbox and PBX-IN-A-FLASH, and read most of the googled documents. I don’t see a specific configuraiton that will enable this users and device mode. It seems to me that it is the internal data design that WILL allow extension roaming, but maybe no one need this feature yet?

I came across a standalone script that let a user call-in and confirm the calling device is the one he/she will use for the extension. Anyone knows if there is the extension mobility sign-on feature done for phones with XML interface and auto reload the user specific config?

With this mobility extension feature, is it like the combination of presense management, end-point provisioning, and device mangement all-in-one.


There is one place you change a value from “extensions” to “deviceanduser” then restart FreePBX and it will be in device and user mode where phones can then be logged in to by users giving you mobile office access.

if you had been a tad more specific in your google search will find it as the first choice. try “freepbx users and devices”.

Thanks. I found what you meant by using the specific search. But it is not exactly what I expected.

I don’t know if everyone have seen this with Cisco IP-Phone and their CallManager setup (obviously, it is the same manufacturer so they work together). the Phone will be plug and play on the network using DHCP to load the initial config file, it is like a sleeping config which will only call emergency number or login (called "service’ on the menu screen). Once I login on the PHONE (enter extension/passcode) on the phone, the phone reset and then, I got my extension on the phone. If I logout, it goes back to the sleeping extension.

I deploy mostly Aastra phones and I’m family with it. I’m thinking I know enough of astra XML programming to add this feature as a ‘provisioning’ feature on the freepbx which will will be used for one of my client. I don’t mind to share and/or work with people together here. I just want to know I’m not doing something that has already being done.

I know there is a device management tool on Trixbox that is outside of freepbx. Maybe these kind of device specific feature should be done Outside of Freepbx?

Any comment?

You have to edit a config file:

I haven’t used this to make mobile users but I have used this features to make several phones act as one - all the same user. When someone calls that ‘extension’ it rings all of the phones.
I’ve never used the agent feature but maybe it works :wink: