Extension makes calls using "Blocked" outbound routing

I have a problem with my installation. I have created a a couple of outbound routes (for international, external, internal etc)
In each extension I have checked only those that are available to each extension.
I see that there are calls made via “External” route even when it is NOT checked. I also received the email that the routing is used by that extension.

It is possible that the pattern matches are too generic. Please post screenshots of your Outbound Routes.

thnx for your reply.

all internal numbers in this freepbx are 5 digits start with 6

there are actually 3 routings

(6) 6| [XXXX]

(0) 0| [444.]

() 0| [00.]

the extension has checked only Internal

but I see some times (rarely) that external is used (confirmed by the email that we get from “external” routing

I cannot replicate this on demand since that when I try to make a call from my softphone with the same setting (only internal checked) I get the message “the call can not be completed”
Same version of softphone application

Please confirm that you configured the softphone with the same extension number and password as the problematic extension and dialed one of the same numbers as the user had called.

If so, and if an improper call was made within the past week, you should be able to find it in the Asterisk log and see why it routed incorrectly.


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