Extension list ring time

I have a call group whith 3 extension in it, and there is an option “Ring Time”. Everything works perfect, but i want more. ))

I want to set ring time for each extension. May be not for each, but at least increase ring time for one of them.

First extension is secretary, this extension must ring 3 sec, second - managers, must ring 30 sec, and if nobody picked up, after 33 sec this call must add third extension.

Ring Strategy: memoryhunt.

If I use forward call to “Destination if no answer”, I have delay between reconnections.


You come to these forums but don’t read them?

Just yesterday



Thank you for answering, but i wrote already that this option is not what I want (sorry, it is, but after destination no answer is choosen previous ring group stops calling, and there is a delay between next begins. Delay is even in music on hold, if i use it on ring group, and I know that in this case I have to use queues, but there is no ring strategy- memoryhunt in queues)

Thanks again!

Then read the wiki and how the modules work (ring groups and queues) and design a scenario that works for you. If that is too hard for you, there is always the Schmooze “paid support” option at tyhe top of this page.