Extension IVR not working

I have created two extension 200 and 201, have also created System Recording Welcome message. Further more i IVR is created too with Welcome message and under IVR
Entries Destination Extension 200 is selected. But when i call from 201 to 200 it is simply ringing instead of playing welcome message.
I am confused how to configure this ?
This is the test system end goal is to have number on which from outside world people will call and the welcome message will be played and later on provided with the extension number to be selected
Follwing link is not helping me to solve this problem
Thanks for support

Generally, you will reach an IVR when dialing an extension. For external callers you need an inbound route that goes to the IVR. For internal testing purposes, you may find it helpful to have a Misc Application to allow you to dial the IVR.

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