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Hi I would like to know if it’s possible to split the optional destinations in the extensions app to allow you to set 2 different optional destinations (for internal calls and for external calls). So if someone from your local extensions phones you and you’re busy you’ll get a busy tone, while calls from one of your trunks transferred to you if you’re on the phone will ring instead for 15s and then go back to the switchboard.

Am running Freepbx 4.211.64-7, Asterisk 11.5.1.

Set extension optional destinations to “terminate call -> busy” and
use a ring group for incoming calls that has a “destination no answer” to the correct voicemail.

Am I correct if I say you will have a different ‘external extension’ than ‘internal’?

Asterisk uses contexts whicj don’t really differentiate as you are thinking, your “internal” extension are usually in [from-internal] your “external” extensions are usually ultimately in [from-pstn]

Yes I know, all that I am trying to achieve is to use the same extension number to dial internally and send that optional destinations to terminate if the person is on the phone but if an external call get transferred instead of busy return I would like to send that call elsewhere like voice mail for example.

Hi STM_support

Did you ever get this resolved? If you did I would be interested.


Yes I did, I ended up with a custom dialplan I wrote and placed in my extensions_custom.conf file, I then pointed the optional destinations in my extensions page to that custom dialplan and it’s working perfectly

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would you be willing to share the basics of separating internal and external calls by letting me take a look at your extensions_custom.conf?